2SG’s Mobile Broadband Is The Solution Your Customers Have Been Waiting For.

In today’s business environment where more and more core business functions are Internet dependent, reliable broadband delivery is non-negotiable.

That’s why 2SG is ecstatic to be launching our wholesale aggregated data model to the marketplace.

2SG’s Mobile Broadband gives Australian internet service providers the unique opportunity to sell a wireless broadband solution to customers via the Optus 4G Network.

This product is sold to the internet service provider (ISP) wholesale allowing them to bypass the ridged packages offered by most networks and deliver broadband in a more flexible way.

There is nothing else quite like this offer on the market.

2SG’s Mobile Broadband also lets customers gain secure access to the internet from anywhere they can make a mobile phone call. All they have to do is connect with a capable modem, which will automatically identify the best available Optus network technology.

This product will be offered in two layers,  Layer 2 and Managed Layer 3 solutions.

The Layer 2 solution is similar to the NBN style products that most ISPs are familiar with.

This solution provides the Service Provider with total control over the session and product offerings. It also allows accounting, rate limiting and user access to be configured locally.

The Managed  Layer 3 offering is a turn-key method for providing services with minimal upfront integration required. The service and AGVC costs are bundled into the rate plan offered to the service provider.

These solutions give service providers full access to service management capabilities. They will have the ability to activate, suspend, kick and view usage. This data is all easily provided via the Wholesale Gateway to facilitate full-service assurance.

What really makes this product stand out is that it offers ISPs’ a quick and easy integration to provide wireless broadband with onboarding to the network being as quick as two weeks. 

According to 2SG’s general manager Reza Lohrasb, 

We’re already seeing strong take-up from the market, particularly around the failover solution, and anticipate strong continued growth, particularly with the introduction of 5G in 2019.

It’s finally time for the smaller providers to cut through the noise and offer the customer the product they want. Faster, cheaper, more reliable broadband.

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