Wireless Broadband

It’s Time to Go Mobile!

2SG’s Gowireless is the flexible mobile broadband your customer has been dreaming of.

In today’s business environment where more and more core business functions are Internet dependent, reliable broadband delivery is non-negotiable.

2SG’s Mobile Broadband gives Australian internet service providers the unique opportunity to deliver robust wireless broadband solutions to their customers via the Optus 4G+ Network.

Featuring B2B integration directly through to the carrier and a range of flexible rate offerings including aggregated data, help your customers cut the cords today.

Business Grade 4G

  • L2 Failover SolutionsL2 Failover solutions
  • Aggregated DataAggregated data
  • SecuritySecurity
  • Static IPStatic IP

Layer 2

The Layer 2 delivery of the Gowireless product is similar to the ADSL style products that most ISPs are familiar with. The offering requires a dedicated Aggregated Virtual Circuit (AGVC) into the Gowireless platform purchased in megabit increments. Individual user services are activated and delivered via L2TP to the Service Providers LNS where Radius Authentication is required.

The usernames presented during authentication are set by the network and contain the MSISDN (Mobile Phone Number) of the user requesting service. Any username or password entered into the end users client is not passed through to the PPP process by the Optus network.

This solution provides the Service Provider with total control over the session and product offerings and allows accounting, rate limiting and user access to be configured locally.

Consumer Grade 4G

  • Home Wireless BroadbandHome Wireless Broadband
  • Residential NBN FailoverResidential NBN Failover

Managed Layer 3

The Managed Layer 3 offering is a turn-key method for providing 4G and 5G services to a service provider’s customer base with minimal upfront integration required.

Under this model, the service terminates against an Gowireless LNS with session experience determined by predefined rate plans.

The service and AGVC costs are bundled into the rate plan offered to the service provider. All authentication and internet feeds for services are managed by the platform, and access to service management capabilities (activate, suspend, kick and view usage) are all provided via Wholesale Gateway to facilitate full service assurance.

Usage reporting and other SIO related activities can also be provided if required to give a clear and up-to-date view of what’s happening with your customers.

Rate plan configurations are offered on a data or time consumption basis and offer service providers with flexibility in configuring levels of rate limiting and client notifications.

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